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Staff Spotlight: Introducing Manojini

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Manojini Gamage is the Cycle 1 teacher for the Bulen-Bulen classroom in addition to being the Cycle 1 Leader at Caulfield Campus.

Full Name: Manojini Gamage

New Position: Cycle 1 Leader

How long have you been at MMS? 13 years

Where were you beforehand?

I was in Brighton Montessori and started there in 2001 when it was a separate school. Later, it amalgamated with Caulfield Montessori School and became MMS. I left the school to pursue further studies and worked at The Body Shop for a while before re-joining MMS in 2012.

What do you love about working at MMS?

The parent community of our school is passionate and supportive and believes in the Montessori method of education. I am proud to be part of our team of dedicated, passionate educators who are committed to supporting and inspiring MMS students to become lifelong learners.

What inspires you as a Montessori educator?

Being a Montessori teacher is a rewarding experience because you get to observe how motivated children are when they are engaged with Montessori materials in the classroom.

What is your most memorable teaching moment?

I have witnessed many memorable moments in the Montessori classroom. The children are more inclusive, regardless of age, and help each other. Everyone works on different things and the children focus on their work independently but they share what they have learned with one another in a collaborative spirit. For example, one child noticed that one of the new children was feeling sad and he went over, held the child’s hand and offered them a tissue. The child then asked, ‘Do you need a hug?’

What’s your most memorable moment as a school student?

I attended a girls’ school and stayed in the school hostel where I learned many life skills and had a lot of fun.

What are five interesting things about you that we may not know?

  1. I was born in Sri Lanka and studied Economics and Commerce for my higher studies. After completing my studies, I worked with my Dad in his business.
  2. Before coming to Melbourne, I taught in an international school in Sri Lanka.
  3. I enjoy reading books and listening to music.
  4. During school holidays, I enjoy hiking, gardening and meeting up with my close friends.
  5. I also enjoy travelling around Australia.

What does your weekend look like?

The weekends have been busy with visiting my in-laws and assisting them. I also spend time with my husband and catch up on housework.

What is your favourite Maria Montessori quote and why?

“The child who has never learned to work by himself, to set goals for his own acts, or to be the master of his own force of will is recognizable in the adult who lets others guide his will and feels a constant need for approval of others.” —Education and Peace

This statement shows the value of independence and allowing children to make choices and become confident, which allows them to become independent thinkers.

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