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To truly understand the Montessori difference, we recommend that you book a tour of our School so you can see the students at work.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the MMS campuses at Brighton and Caulfield are closed and tours are currently NOT being conducted.  We apologise for any inconvenience but hope you understand that the health and safety of our students, staff, visitors and community are paramount. Tours will recommence when the campuses re-open.

Once schools re-open, please check this website to see available tour times.

TUITION FEES 2020 – Per annum
Effective Installment 1 2020

Fee per Term Fee per Annum 1st Child 2nd Child:
5% Discount
3rd Child:
15% Discount
4th Child:
25% Discount
Cycle 1 $3,725 $14,900 $14,900 $14,155 $12,665 $11,175
Cycle 2 $3,525 $14,100 $14,100 $13,395 $11,985 $10,575
Cycle 3 $3,525 $14,100 $14,100 $13,395 $11,985 $10,575
Cycle 4 $4,533 $18,130 $18,130 $17,224 $15,411 $13,598
Cycle 5

Year 10

$4,533 $18,130 $18,130 $17,224 $15,411 $13,598
Cycle 5 IB
IB Year 1
$4,935 $19,740 $19,740 $18,753 $16,779 $14,805
Cycle 5 IB
IB Year 2
$4,935 $19,740 $19,740 $18,753 $16,779 $14,805

* All tuition fees will be charged in four instalments, two terms in advance.
**Cycle 5 IB fees also include the IB exam and subject costs


Building Fund Donation Per Child Per Term Yearly
Parent Toddler & Early Learners $25 $100
Cycles 1-3 $100 $400
Cycles 4/5 $250 $1,000

** The Voluntary Building Fund Donation is tax deductible

Parent & Toddler Group fees are per term per toddler and invoiced at the beginning of each term.

Installment per term Fee Per Annum
Early Learners $1,280 $5,120
Parent & Toddler $670 $2,680


Other Fees

Fee Cost in 2020
School Band $85 per term per student
School Choir $85 per term per student
Parent Involvement Levy (PIL)
Cycle 1-3 only
$160 per term
Dishonour Fee $50 per payment
Late Payment Fee / Administration Fee $145 per month in arrears
Camps & Excursions Cost varies per activity

Payment Options:
There are a number of options for payment of fees. Melbourne Montessori School accepts payment via Credit Card, Direct Deposit / EFT or Cheque.

For further information:
Refer to the MMS Guide to School Fees or contact the Business Manager on 03 9131 5201.