Principal at Melbourne Montessori School

Gay Wales

I spent an idyllic childhood, first in country Victoria on a farm with my own pony and then in the South of England in the New Forest and have always loved animals and trees, exploring nature and hiking.

I spent 7 years at a boarding school in Winchester and my first degree continued my love of languages but also introduced me to Philosophy and the Fine Arts. My brothers and father are all engineers however, and this has also influenced my love of all things mechanical and science in particular.

After 13 years in industry, I found teaching my own two children enormously rewarding and so began teaching in the French stream at Camberwell PS. From there I moved to Christ Church Grammar School in South Yarra, first as Science Coordinator where I introduced such activities as the Woodwork and Robotics clubs, and then as Deputy, Head of Curriculum where I brought in authentic inquiry and child-centred learning.

I believe passionately that every individual has amazing potential and ability and that it is the role of every teacher to discover or unlock those talents.

Montessori education is fantastically organised to cater to each child’s needs and to support each individual in their own way and at their own pace. I am excited to be able to work with our teachers to develop children into life-long learners who are fully prepared for the 21st century.


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