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Principal at Melbourne Montessori School

Daniel Thomas

Since its inception, MMS has been reimagining education for the changing world we live in. Now more than ever, we understand how quickly our world can shift, and the value of a curriculum that teaches students to be resilient and adaptable. We embrace rigorous study and look beyond the traditional measures of student achievement to develop and apply a holistic measure of student excellence, fulfilment and potential. We believe education should focus on preparing our children for the exciting future that lies ahead of them, equipping them with the skills and knowledge they will need to thrive in a fast-changing world.­

At Melbourne Montessori School we provide opportunities for young people to become excited by the world around them, we cater for their different interests and skill levels and take students further. We surround them with passionate teachers who can light that essential spark to ask more and expect more. We encourage our students to push the boundaries and start creating their own path in life in a secure, supportive environment. At Melbourne Montessori School, we are creating an educational environment that fires the imagination, develops good citizenship and promotes a life-long thirst for knowledge. If children are to maximise their learning, then MMS must be a place of optimism, excitement and challenge, where students, parents and staff see each day as a journey, full of purpose, where intellectual engagement and connectedness to the real world are priorities.

Learning and Teaching at MMS is rooted in the Montessori philosophy, which concurrently holds academic mastery, self and social intelligence and creative thinking as important components of indispensable value. At every level students are encouraged to ask questions, approach ideas from new angles and find ways to reflect on and express what they have learned. MMS Staff see their students as having their own talents, ideas, passions and perspectives to help shape their own learning experience. Educators and co-educators strategically guide each individual’s learning through exploration, creativity and discovery. The educator also guides the student in thinking deeper about their learning as well as helping students achieve core competencies in English and Mathematics.

I believe passionately that every individual has deep potential and ability and that it is the role of every member of the Melbourne Montessori community to discover or unlock the talents, passions, skills and interests of each child. I look forward to welcoming you to Melbourne Montessori School and working together to embrace a culture of joy and ‘Unlimited Education.’