Principal at Melbourne Montessori School

Gay Wales

I believe passionately that every individual has deep potential and ability and that it is the role of every teacher at Melbourne Montessori School to discover or unlock the talents, skills and interests of each child. Montessori education is fantastically organised to cater to each student’s needs and to support each individual in their own way and at their own pace. I am excited to work with our teachers and the wider community to develop children into life-­long learners who are fully prepared for the uncertain future we all face.

For over 45 years, we at Melbourne Montessori School, have provided the best early childhood and junior school education and are rated NQS Overall Exceeding in this area. Even though our senior school is just five years old, we have gained recognition by receiving one of only seven Innovative Schools Awards for Victorian Schools in 2019 and have also won two Lego Robotic awards for innovation.

‘Expect more from Education’ is our mantra and our students thrive in the small environments which have been deliberately and carefully prepared to allow our students to engage in calm surroundings where they can focus and learn in peace, supported by our wonderfully dedicated and caring, world-class staff.

At Melbourne Montessori School we provide broad opportunities for young people to become excited by the world around them, we cater for their different interests and skill levels and take students further. We surround them with passionate teachers who can light that essential spark to ask more and expect more. We encourage students to push the boundaries and start creating their own path in life in a secure, supportive environment.

We embrace rigorous study, but look beyond the traditional measures of student achievement to develop and apply a holistic measure of student excellence, fulfillment and potential. We believe education should focus on preparing our children for the exciting future that lies ahead of them, equipping them with the skills and knowledge they will need to thrive in a fast changing world.

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