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Staff Spotlight: Introducing Albertine!

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Albertine Rood has settled in to life at MMS and is enjoying being part of the MMS community and loves helping her students discover their passions.

Full Name: Albertine Rood

New Position: Cycle 3 Teacher (Walert)

Previous Position: Primary School Teacher in NZ.

How long have you been at MMS? This is my second term.

Where were you working before MMS?

I was working at a small independent school in Auckland, NZ, which specialises in supporting students with additional learning needs. Before that, I worked at a Montessori school for children aged 6 to 12.

What do you love about working at MMS?

I love the community feel of the school, the highly trained and passionate staff, and the wonderful and engaged community of learners at MMS. I love that I’m able to provide an education to my students that meets their individual interests and learning needs.

What inspires you as a Montessori educator?

A popular Montessori phrase is ‘follow the child.’ I think this sums up what inspires me as an educator – the child. I love watching my students grow and develop into people who have a positive impact on society. I love that my students can follow their own unique interests and individual learning journeys, discovering what their passions are from an early age.

What is your most memorable teaching moment?

I have had many memorable moments in teaching, but the ones that really stand out involve opportunities for students to engage in meaningful, real-life tasks. One year, I taught at a school in a rural area where some of the 9–12-year-olds had to design and construct their own school tree house. They had to work collaboratively to research, draw plans, budget for the building materials, purchase those materials and build the treehouse with limited adult involvement. In the end, they successfully built a safe and sturdy tree house. It is amazing what children can achieve when they are given the opportunity!

What is your most memorable moment as a school student?

I loved anything arts and crafts at school. I was fortunate enough to attend an arts-focused primary school where we had opportunities to knit, sew and even take pottery classes.

What are five interesting things about you that we may not know?

  1. My mum’s side of the family is from a tiny Island in the Channel Islands called Jersey. In Jersey, they speak English and French, so my mum speaks French.
  2. I enjoy sewing my own clothes and knitting. I would love to learn how to knit my own jumpers.
  3. I lived in Italy for 10 months when I trained to be a Montessori teacher. It was such a cool learning experience to move to another country by myself, knowing no Italian!
  4. I’m from Aotearoa, New Zealand and I speak some of the indigenous language (Te Reo Māori).
  5. My favourite foods are pasta and gelato!

What is your favourite Maria Montessori quote and why?

“The greatest sign of success for a teacher… is to be able to say, The children are now working as if I did not exist.”

I love this quote because it highlights the importance of a child-centred approach to education, which develops responsibility and independence.

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