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Parent + Toddler Group | 18 months to 2 1/2 Years Old Program

Program Overview

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Our popular Parent & Toddler (PT) group introduces young children and their parents to the Montessori philosophy of education in a collaborative and nurturing atmosphere, together.

The aim

The aim of our program is to nurture the child’s growing need for purposeful activity, independence, order, movement, and language and to increase the parent’s awareness of their child’s capabilities and needs.

The setting

Parents attend alongside their toddlers, and together they experience sessions that provide hands-on learning opportunities, with the goal of promoting independence, self-confidence, and a passion for learning.

The prepared environment in the classroom reflects order, beauty, and simplicity and is set up in a way that allows children to choose and use the materials they want to use, with minimal adult assistance.  Adults learn the importance of allowing their children to complete and repeat tasks without interruption or interference.

There is a wide range of age-appropriate activities, the environment is nurturing, and the atmosphere is positive, supportive, and non-competitive.

The PT environment provides space for children to move around and work.  Movement within the environment increases children’s ability to experience their environment in a multi-sensory manner.  It is one of the keys to healthy brain development and contributes to children’s social/emotional well-being and confidence.

Learning and activities

Each morning starts with children putting their hats/jackets into the basket near the front door.  This simple act starts the sequencing of their routine in PT. They know what to do, and they can relax and enjoy the environment.  Activities are first introduced/presented by an adult, who has a ‘turn’. Adults then allow their children to complete and repeat tasks without interruption or interference.

The PT program is prepared to help children reveal quite ‘mature abilities’ such as deep concentration and longer attention span, careful movement, sense of order, relentless determination, respect for others, and joy in their ‘work’.

Enrol today!

Our PT Group provides a supportive environment for young children and their caregivers to learn and grow together and develop a lifelong passion for learning.  Enrol today!

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A Parent’s Experience of Parent-Toddler.

How often?

Most people enrol for one session per week, but it is also possible to enrol in multiple sessions if places are available.

Duration and Availability:

Tuesday – Friday


Excellence Rating

MMS is proud the Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) has rated MMS Brighton Campus as Exceeding National Quality Standards in all 7 Quality Areas that are important outcomes for children.