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Parents can learn more through Montessori Training Opportunities

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There are a range of Montessori-focused courses suitable for parents and staff who want to strengthen their understanding of Montessori principles.

Upcoming Sydney Montessori Training Centre Courses

Movement is a key component of Montessori theory and is a key component of many aspects of the Montessori approach for children of all age-levels from birth to 18.

In this interactive workshop, Kei offers educators the knowledge, skills and inspiration needed to confidently embed a key component of movement, in the form of creative dance, into a Montessori learning environments for children of all ages (birth to 18).

The AMI Montessori 3-6 Diploma is an in-depth study of Montessori pedagogy focusing on the developmental needs of children from three to six years of age.

The AMI 0 to 3 Diploma is available in Melbourne, beginning in September. It provides a golden opportunity to find out more about children under the age of 3 and how to support and understand them more before they enter school. Programs designed for children under 3-years-old build on programs for older children feed into other programmes and more generally help to build a better society and world.

Here is the more general link to the rest of the courses coming up, including the orientation courses.

Here is the link to the refreshers for this year — we’re focussing on health and well-being, acknowledging that if we don’t care for ourselves first, we can’t be effective in our other interactions.

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