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In The Spotlight: Merlin the Snake

Have you met Merlin the Snake?

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Merlin has been attending the Melbourne Montessori School for many years and is a star pupil! He resided in the Waratah classroom for 3 years and now is in his second year in Warin.

An important foundation of the prepared Montessori environment is care of a pet. This features in our Practical Life curriculum and also connects with the Zoology and Biology aspects of Cosmic Education.

In Warin, the children are always observing Merlin’s lifecycle. From eating, giving him fresh water, time out of his enclosure, cleaning the enclosure, to watching the signs before he sheds, observing signs of milky eyes, sketching and researching reptiles. Our students are continually asking questions and finding answers to their own questions.

Our students are continually asking questions and following their own interests drawn from the Great Stories and their environment, finding answers to their own questions, following up with research projects in varied formats both individually and in small groups. 

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