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Congratulations to MMS Alumni, Rudi Williams

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This is another wonderful accomplishment for Rudi who at 17 years of age was, and remains, the youngest ever entrant in the National Bowness Photographic Competition at the Monash Gallery of Art.

Rudi’s photographs have been noticed by the NGV Curators and Director at Art Fairs, the Centre for Contemporary Photography and last year’s Sutton Gallery exhibition, to name just a few of the prestigious places that Rudi’s work has been accepted for exhibition.

This is testament to Rudi’s creative vision, aesthetic philosophy and values, commitment to research, willingness to experiment, strong focus on a task and high level of technical skills.

If you wish to see and support Rudi’s work, she has a screening of Breath, an 18-minute experimental film, followed by a live performance by Grace Ferguson on next week Friday 5 August 2022 at 7.00pm. please click here to access more information about the screening and performance.


Special thanks to past staff member, Jennie Schoenfeld, for her valuable contributions and connections with our MMS alumni. Photograph Source:

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