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Art Stars from Art Show 2022

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We are so proud to announce that nine of our students, who exhibited at our Art Show 2022, have had their work selected to be hung in the Independent School’s Victoria (ISV) Annual Exhibition for 2023!

The works were chosen by Anne Smith from ISV, who visited the Melbourne Montessori School Art Show, on its opening night.

 The following works were chosen by Anne Smith from ISV who visited the Melbourne Montessori School Art Show on the opening night last week:

Joshua – Bust of Samuel Porcello (Mr Oreo)

Mietta – Bust of Ronni Kahn and Tessellation

Polly – Tessellation

Peter – Tessellation

Bal – Surreal Landscape Painting

Max – Bust of Albert Einstein

Ivy – Surreal Landscape Painting

Luke – Moth Construction

Sebastian – Chalk Moth Drawing

The annual student art exhibition has a launch event which is normally held during the second week of Term 3 each year at the Docklands Gallery.  Congratulations to all our talented students – we are so proud of you!


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