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Alumni News: Meet Hannah Hammerschlag

“The most valuable skills that a Montessori education gave me are independent thinking, curiosity and the belief that I have the skills needed to problem solve issues that I come across and, if I can’t, there are always pathways of support around me.” Hannah Hammerschlag

Since her Junior school years at Melbourne Montessori School, Hannah’s life has been a journey filled with intellectual accomplishments, major career changes, travel adventures and leadership in social causes.

After finishing high school at a local Jewish school, Hannah studied Arts/Law and enjoyed a successful career practicing corporate law and then medical negligence before ultimately deciding that law wasn’t the right path for her. This led Hannah to spend the next five years working in a start-up business addressing food waste while also having her children.

She then became a General Manager at a Jewish community social justice organisation before spending a year in New Zealand with family. Hannah then returned to Melbourne and became a campaign manager engaging the Jewish community on the Voice to Parliament.

“Although we didn’t get the national result we had hoped for, we helped share First Nations perspectives directly to thousands of people across the Australian community,” says Hannah.

Hannah’s proudest accomplishments to date are her two beautiful children and building a strong family unit. She now has the pleasure of watching her children (Billie in Cycle 1 and Louie moving up to Cycle 2 in 2024) thriving and enjoying their own learning journey at MMS.

Through Billie and Louie, Hannah can see the benefits of a Montessori education even more clearly.

“Both of our kids are so different and unique, so they come home passionate about such different topics and things they have been learning about and doing at school,” she says.

Hannah often reflects that the beauty of Montessori is that each child is able to learn at their own pace and according to their own interests. She says the focus on practical life skills and respect for others are important but often overlooked priorities in the world today.

“I loved that there was no competition amongst classmates because everyone worked at their own pace and to their own individual needs. I see that now in our kids who are both at Caulfield Montessori,” says Hannah.

As a Montessori student, Hannah enjoyed freedom to choose what she wanted to do with her learning time, including what suited her on any given day and the learning mindset she was in. Having the wisdom of a Montessori education, life experiences and being a parent, Hannah’s advice to other MMS students is: “continue to follow your own interests and let that guide your learning. You will always be most engaged in learning if it comes from your own initiation and interest.”