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Alumni News: New Branding Video Shows the Best of MMS


Alumni, parents and current students across three different Cycles have all spoken honestly and positively about their experience of a Montessori education. In the powerful new MMS branding video, MMS community members – past and present — highlight the many strengths they discovered while at school. The students past and present discuss the inspiration and curiosity that is sparked as soon as students walk into a Montessori classroom and they also highlight the encouragement of curiosity, exploration, independent learning and life skills.

One MMS parent, who is also a former student, describes the sense of curiosity that has remained with her while more recent students credit the school with giving them the confidence and independence to move confidently into their life beyond MMS. The video’s tagline of ‘Expect more’ perfectly sums up our school’s goals and vision – we want our students to expect more from a MMS education.