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The Highlights


A strong belief by parents that Melbourne Montessori School teachers know and care about their children, students believing MMS is a safe place to learn, positive relationships between staff and students and an effective and caring pastoral care program are some of the great outcomes of the 2023 LEAD School Effectiveness Survey.

The Survey, carried out by Independent Schools Victoria (ISV), measures each school’s effectiveness, highlights where improvements have been made and provides a benchmark to work towards.

What the parents said

Parent overall satisfaction levels with MMS have continued to improve and are above the ISV benchmark (MMS scored 8.8 and the ISV mean is 8.3). Parents also rated the quality of teaching, learning outcomes and pastoral care at MMS.

In response to the statement that ‘parents feel welcome to visit the school’, MMS achieved a score of 9.05. For ‘teachers in this school know and care about my child’, the school received an impressive score of 9.09. ‘The school provides an excellent environment in which to learn’ received a score of 8.46.

“I’m thrilled that MMS has scored so highly for parent satisfaction. Parents are always welcome at our school, they know that teachers genuinely care about their child and they believe MMS is a safe place for their children to learn,” says Daniel.

What the students said

At 7.63, the student overall satisfaction level with the school was also heartening and above the ISV mean of 6.91.

In response to the statement ‘my school is a safe place to learn’, students gave MMS a score of 8.34 and statements that ‘my teachers encourage me to improve the standard of my learning’ and ‘my teachers expect high standards of learning from me’ attracted an encouraging score of 8.33.

“Providing students with a safe and nurturing place to learn is the essence of our school. Students clearly recognise their teachers have their best interests at heart and support their learning in any way they can,” says Daniel.

What the staff said

MMS staff strongly believe that students have positive relationships with staff (9.00) and that MMS staff are dedicated to improving student learning outcomes (9.31). The Survey also highlighted that professional development opportunities at MMS support teachers (8.94) and that there is open communication between staff and parents (8.88).

“The staff and teachers at MMS make the school tick – they are the people who support, encourage and inspire our children every day. We will continue to work hard to create an environment where staff feel valued, heard and supported to be the very best educators they can be,” says Daniel.

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