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Program Overview

The Montessori environment is perfect for enhancing the enormous benefits that sport may offer.  Montessori Sports builds upon the philosophical connection between the Montessori philosophy and working with children in sports.

Integrating more sports within the educational curriculum enhances the child’s learning abilities. Sport stimulates the development and cooperation of the two hemispheres of the brain due to the emphasis on coordination, balance, use of objects and social skills that are required to play.  

Montessori Sports runs courses at MMS and other schools which helps the teachers integrate intra/extra-curricular programs on a weekly or daily basis. These courses are approved and certified by AMI as well to assure the Montessori standards.

“Tennis, football, and the like, do not have for their sole purpose the accurate moving of the ball, but they challenge us to acquire a new skill -something lacking before – and this feeling of enhancing our abilities is the real core of our delight in the game”

Maria Montessori, The Absorbent Mind (Chapter 17)

History of Montessori Sports

In 2018 Ruben Jongkind, together with his colleague Patrick Oudejans, decided to found Montessori Sports Ltd. to introduce sport programs to Montessori schools. This grew into a strategic partnership between AMI and Montessori Sports. Jip Bartels joined them from the start and became the director in Australia.

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Current Programs

Montessori Sport will offer a 4 week program commencing on November 16 for $60

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Montessori Sports Afterschool Program – Term 4 2020.

Afterschool Program


Brighton Campus – Cycle 1
One day: Tues only (4 sessions) $60, Thurs only (4 sessions) $60
Both days: Tues & Thurs (8 sessions) $110


Caulfield Campus – Cycle 2
One day: Mon only (4 sessions) $60
Wed only (4 sessions) $60
Both days: Mon & Wed (8 sessions) $110


Caulfield Campus – Cycle 3

One day: Fri (4 sessions) $60