Presenting at Melbourne Montessori School

It is highly recommended that all presenters arrive with the equipment they need to present to ensure they can present without any problems
Its best to bring your own laptop, and an HDMI cable, Macs and some newer PC don’t have an HDMI port so an adapter will be required

Melbourne Montessori School will do their best to facilitate your needs and can provide adapters but should not be relied on

Please take note of the technical requirements

Most locations will have an HDMI wall plate that looks like this


An HDMI Cable looks like this



Please check the side of your laptop to see if you have an HDMI port

Mac HDMI Port

Windows HDMI Port

If you don’t have an HDMI port then you might have one of theses


Mac Thunderbolt Display Port looks like this and requires this adapter


Mac/Windows USB C Port requires an adapter that looks like this


You can contact the IT department for further assistance by calling the school on 03 9131 5200, or emailing


For additional information on each presentation location please expand the relevant area below

Caulfield Hall

Presenting in the Caulfield Hall requires you to connect to the projector via an HDMI wall plate

There are speakers in the projector that produce sound when an HDMI cable is connected, however for much better sound quality we prefer to use the amplifier that you can connect to using a headphone jack. We will provide the cable, you just need to check if your device has a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, standard on most devices still (Except Mac)


Caulfield Hall’s HDMI connector look like this

The sound wall plate looks like this

And will require this cable

Brighton IB Building

Upstairs in the IB building is the Theater room where most presentations take place

The projector has an HDMI input that allows both picture and sound

There is also has a wireless server allowing you to present without any cables


The Hall’s HDMI connector look like this where you can connect your laptop for both picture and sound


You can also connect to it wirelessly

To do so you need to be joined to our WiFi (Please see IT for this)

Click the Air play button at the top of your screen and from the drop down list choose “Theater Room”


Hold down the windows key  and press K, choose “Theater Room” from the options

Another option is to download and install Airparrot, you can install and run it in trial mode long enough to present, it works on both Mac and Windows

AirParrot is a piece of software that allows you to connect to almost any screen wirelessly, it can make connecting easier and more reliable

The MMS it department can assist with installing and connecting if needed

You can download it here

Brighton Senior School Common Room

Presenting in the Brighton Senior School common room requires you to connect to the projector via an HDMI wall plate

There are speakers in the projector that produce sound when an HDMI cable is connected