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Physical Expression in Cycle 1

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Cycle 1 students have been enjoying the new opportunity to stretch their legs on a Friday morning during the PMP (Perceptual Motor Program). They have the opportunity to balance, throw, catch, roll and many more activities. They can choose what to do whilst they are there utilising the equipment and activities that are modified for their age, size and ability.

For example, some students were challenged with activities primarily using hoops and supported with bean bags and balls. Within their hoops, they were asked to move like it was a spaceship. They jumped, dodged, and ducked aliens and asteroids. Being within a hoop supported their special awareness and provided space between each child. The hoop was also used as a target for throwing, an area to hop and jump from and somewhere to practice their animal yoga poses of flamingo, giraffe, and gorilla. As we progress, they will be challenged to spin, roll and catch their hoops, developing hand eye skills, left and right coordination and more complex balance and perceptual motor abilities.

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