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Your child’s education at Melbourne Montessori School will be very different from other school and pre-school choices available to you. We have put together this comprehensive Discover Montessori Education guide. You will see a table of contents on your left which will guide your exploration.

The guide incorporates text and video material produced at this school, in the USA and in the United Kingdom. The photos are all from our school We recommend that you learn about the Montessori Method and then find out how it is applied at this school in the Discover Melbourne Montessori School section.

Once you’ve discovered the Montessori Method you’ll most likely have some questions so we highly recommend you book into one of our regular School Tours. Seeing is believing!

If you want a quick and easy way to digest the Montessori story we recommend the video on this page and the video on the home page.

In this Discover Montessori Education you’ll find out about the beliefs and goals which underpin the Montessori Method and how this creates a better opportunity for your child. You’ll find out why Montessori is different and how it is backed by current research and science.

Montessori provides a systematic education from birth to adulthood, not just from school entry to exit. This education is based on four planes of development from which has evolved a very special classroom approach that differs greatly from other traditional schools.

You’ll be fascinated by Maria Montessori’s story and surprised to learn about famous Montessorians behind some of our most innovative companies.

Ultimately though, you’ll want to find out about what your child will experience at Melbourne Montessori School and how we integrate both the Montessori Method and the Australian Education Curriculum.

Discovering Montessori Education will be a life making experience for your child.

Discover Montessori Education

This video is a brief history of Maria Montessori and an overview of the Montessori Method. It was produced in the UK.

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