Message from the Principal

Monday 17th October 2016


Cycle 2 Cranbourne Botanic Gardens

On the only gloriously sunny, Spring day this year, the Cycle 2 children visited the Australian site of the Royal Botanic Gardens. They were delighted by the stunning design of the desert garden and enjoyed all the activities with their guides.

“The Cycle Two excursion to the Royal Botanical Australian Gardens, Cranbourne was a great success. The children got to experience different topics including Climate Change, Conservation Matters, Australian Deserts and Tree to Seeds. They participated in hands on activities including measuring the Earth’s temperature, creating water catchments and potting up a plant. Students will report back to other members of their class, some of the things which they learnt and all children will be writing a text inspired by their visit.” Lisa, Melinda, Belinda and Laura 

Montessori Australia Foundation: Business Managers’ Forum

This year, for the first time, our school offered to host the MAF Business Managers’ Forum. Business Managers from as far away as Perth came to our Brighton campus to spend a day networking and learning from each other after a tour of our campus and a presentation by the host, John Bourikas. A big thank you to John, Susie and Anne who made the Brighton Hall look lovely and inviting for a day’s hard work. Two delegates from Independent Schools Victoria also attended and spoke to the assembled Business Managers. I know that they were wonderfully looked after and had a purposeful and interesting day. Towards the end of the day, a panel convened from Brisbane International Montessori, Perth Montessori and Melbourne Montessori, to answer questions and issues from the floor, regarding Montessori School’s unique set up, compliance and accounting issues.

Three new roles at MMS

It is with extreme delight that I can now announce that our fourth and last Cycle 3 classroom is going to be run by Ned Smithfield from January 2017.

Many of you will already know Ned, who worked in Yasmin’s classroom a few years ago. He comes to us with a degree in Applied Science and was also a Project Manager for a major building project in the city before he took up teaching. He is fully Montessori trained and comes to us as a Cycle 3 teacher from Elonera Montessori School in NSW. He is thrilled to be able to come to MMS to work as he now lives in Melbourne with his wife and new baby girl.

We are also thrilled to be able to announce the fifth full-time teacher for Cycle 4 for next year. Laura Darroch has deep knowledge of teaching English from Year 7 to Year 12. She has experience in secondary schools from Lochgelly High School in Scotland to Melbourne Grammar School in South Yarra. (The Scottish education system is currently leading the western world in high quality education). Laura has a passion for English, Humanities and Media and also for helping abandoned dogs whom she regularly fosters until they can find a new home. Laura’s appointment means that next year in Cycle 4 there will be three female full-time teachers and two male full-time teachers, together with Des Reuben, the new Deputy Principal of the Senior School.

As a school we have grown quickly and now feel the need for greater and clearer communication within the school and for someone to manage effective external marketing in the role of Community Engagement Manager.

This position has been taken by Candice Jansz who started today, 17th October. This new role will be threefold as Candice will also look after the reconnection with our alumni and the development of a detailed database of alumni. She will additionally work with the MMS Foundation. Candice comes to us with lots of experience in communication and marketing as she has been on teams at St Michael’s Grammar School and also at two universities and the Royal Women’s Hospital Foundation amongst others.

We look forward to introducing you to all of these wonderful new staff members at Melbourne Montessori School and know that you will make them feel welcome!

Gay Wales 

“The first essential for the child’s development is concentration. The child who concentrates is immensely happy.”  Maria Montessori