Message from the Principal

Monday 5th September 2016

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Night of the Notables tonight!

Please come along to the Caulfield campus tonight to see and hear what our Cycle 3 students have to say about their notable person. The event begins at 7pm.


Fathers’ and Special Friends’ Day

Over 100 families came along to celebrate Fathers’ Day at school last Friday night. Graduates who lead the Community Group greeted families at Reception and then arranged activities and games for the children, fathers and special friends – even some grandfathers came along for fun and pizza! It was fabulous to hear that lots of Cycle 1 dads came, as well as Cycle 2,3 and 4 fathers and special friends who joined in the celebration with their children. A huge thank you to Jonelle and Steve and the PA who organised this very special night and to Phil who supplied the pizzas!

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Montessori National Summit

Montessori leaders from all over Australia met last Wednesday at Uluru to spend three days working through various strategic questions and issues which face MAF today. We workshopped around many different aspects from marketing to governance as we took into account the many expected changes ahead and also tried to make provision for those unknown changes which will unfold.  I was delighted to have been asked to speak at the summit representing Melbourne Montessori School, which is now the largest independent Montessori school in Australia. We were excited to find that the Montessori community want a much more cohesive, collaborative strategic direction for the next five to twenty years for MAF with greater quality assurance, opportunity for smaller schools to draw on resources and expertise and new-look, online Montessori training more accessible for teachers. We hope that a much-needed university degree will be available soon in Queensland to train Montessori teachers with Australian qualifications. It was fantastic to be with such passionate Montessorians who work so hard to bring excellent education to all our children.

Gay Wales


“Our goal is not so much the imparting of knowledge as the unveiling and developing of spiritual energy.”  Maria Montessori