Message from the Principal

Monday 22nd of August 2016


Last Tuesday night, one third of our Cycle 3 students performed at the Melbourne Town Hall to a standing-room-only audience full of interested and passionate parents. They were representing MMS for the third time in this biennial event which celebrates choirs and singing in our Melbourne independent schools. The Cycle 3 choir were wonderfully enthusiastic, but extremely disciplined, as they sang two of the songs they have developed themselves. They accompanied the Torres Strait Island songs with body percussion and a simple drum. It was an incredibly musical a Capella performance, loud and clear, and stood apart from most of the other choirs who had to stand like ramrods, motionless. We have received many compliments about our performance since – especially at a seminar for principals on Thursday night. They then participated in the massed choir performance.


Working Bees

Thank you to all the wonderful parents who came and helped at both campuses in the last two weeks. These dedicated parents have carried loads of tanbark, transferred sand to the digging pit, painted lines on the Basketball court, safety marking on steps, trimmed trees, weeded and cleaned up around the grounds.


Family Life

Last Thursday night Family Life Victoria ran a session for parents and students which many parents attended with their children. Then on Friday, Family Life ran specific sessions for the Cycle 3 children as usual.


“The task of the educator lies in seeing that the child does not confound good with immobility and evil with activity.”    Maria Montessori