Message from the Principal

The Cycle 4s have been out and about in true Montessori style during the last week. These visits have really broadened their understanding of the Humanities unit they are studying which is examining the continuing saga for refugees in Australia.


Immigration Museum:

The Cycle 4 students began their adventure by walking through the Great Hall of Arrivals. This experience helped them feel what it would have been like, and the questions they would have been asked if they had arrived in Melbourne by ship in the 1800s, ready to set up a new life. They each received passport workbooks and followed the prompts of personal stories to complete the arrival process. They were particularly fascinated by some of the reasons people gave for leaving their homes for a new land and these included flight from war, famine, personal, political, relationship and natural disasters.  There was a revealing opportunity to role play being on the panel which decided whether immigrants were accepted into Australia or were sent home again. This underlined and helped them understand better the complexities of this agonizing, decision-making process.


The Jewish Holocaust Centre:

‘Why would people leave their family homes for a new land?’ So far, the Humanities group have studied the effects of war particularly as a catalyst for people’s decision to start life in a new land. In the Holocaust Centre, they were able to learn about the impacts of the holocaust, see photos and hear some of the most inspiring stories of people who fought against it, including Oskar Schindler- a German industrialist who saved over a thousand people from death by illegally employing them in his factories. Not only were the students filled with a new depth of knowledge of this time but they grew deeply involved as they listened to the personal stories told by Abe, a 92-year-old volunteer gentleman who had been fifteen at the beginning of the war. He told his story of how he made a ladder out of clothes and hid his mother in the roof for a month to avoid the extermination camp. The students were in awe of the jar of 15,000 buttons which represent one hundredth of the Jewish children lost to the holocaust during this time.


Imax: Star Trek Beyond:

After an exhilarating adventure via tram, train and walking through the city; after delicious varieties of pizza with parents, a box of popcorn and a drink, it was inspiring to sit down and watch two hours of spectacular science fiction 3D imagery. This was a fabulous way to enhance our understanding of the conventions of Science Fiction which is currently being studied in English.

Gay Wales


“Free the child’s potential, and you will transform him into the world.” Maria Montessori