Message from the Principal

Monday 18th July 2016

Welcome back to another wonderfully busy term at Melbourne Montessori School! We all hope that you have had a fabulous combination of rest and recreation and feel ready for the term ahead.


During the holiday there have been many improvements made around the school. At Brighton, the main development has been the completion of the new Staff Room, which is twice as big, and will allow for the doubled number of staff we now have in Cycle 1 to work effectively in their planning time and to be able to make Montessori Materials with greater ease. Increased storage will make it easier for all concerned as well.

There has been a huge improvement in the level of security at Brighton, with cameras now in place around the exterior, as at Caulfield, and a new system of keypads which will be installed at both campuses. This is intended to keep your children and the school resources safer. An alarm system has now been fitted into the new buildings at Brighton.


Mid-Year Concert

Preparations are in full swing for the Mid-Year Concert and you will have received an email detailing the ticket purchases which can now be made on line:

Seating is allocated so it is first in, best dressed. If your child is in Cycle 2 or 3 you will also have received an email which outlines the costume you need to organise for your child’s performance. Please let your classroom teacher know if you are having any trouble with this.


New appointments

In Cycle 4 we are thrilled to be able to introduce Michael Vogue, an extremely experienced Science and Mathematics teacher who has taught Physics and Maths to Year 12. He is passionate about Science and Mathematics and was also a dietician in his first career. We will also see Steve Heart working as the new Cycle 2 Music teacher after the Mid-Year Concert is finished. I know you will make both these teachers welcome.



Have you visited the construction site of the new Ormond to Bentleigh railway lines to put the lines beneath the road? Do you know that you can see the huge number of cranes, ditch diggers and concrete pile drivers 24 hours per day? Do you know how many tonnes of steel reinforcement have been used? Or how deep the new railway lines will be? Do you know how many thousands of cubic metres of soil were removed in the first 10 days which are the equivalent of up to the second tier of the MCG? You can find all these answers and more at the following link:

Gay Wales 

“The organisation of psychical life begins with the characteristic phenomenon of attention.”    Maria Montessori