Message from the Principal

Monday 30th May 2016

Snip Wendy PP

Wendy and Peter Pan

What an extraordinarily stunning performance from the Melbourne Montessori Players last week-end! I always look forward to these shows, as I am captivated and taken on a journey every time! I loved last year’s The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, but I was genuinely captivated by the amazing characters which had been created and lived by each actor this year. Everyone from Wendy, Captain Hook, even down to the smallest pirate truly adopted the persona and added vitality to it! They were all extraordinary in their characterisation, gusto and sense of occasion. It was fantastic to see some of our students working on characters that were well outside their normal personality too – Pia as the wonderful Tinkerbell for one. The children revelled in this show as never before, and the incredible staging was a marvel. The flying scene was very believable and the wonderful gadgets keeping the children fascinated in Never Land were stunning! As ever, we have Delyse to thank and a range of fabulous parents who have spent hours and weeks creating costumes like the crocodile’s and stage sets and props. I know the children had a wonderful time and there are a lot of tired, but happy, parents today! Congratulations!

Parents’, Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Days

This week will see Parents, Grandparents and Special Friends allowed into the classrooms and specialist lessons as both campuses host this very special day. The Caulfield campus will be open all day Tuesday and the Brighton campus will be open all day Wednesday. Parents have been notified already by Room Reps about the availability and of any specialist lessons which take place on these days. Morning Tea has been made by the Grads for those needing a cup of tea and a break at Caulfield, and there will also be Morning Tea available at Brighton. The children are all looking forward to showing you their work!

Nature Play

Last week began the first of four weeks listing Nature Play’s suggestions of 12 things to do before you are 12. Here are another 12!

  1. Watch kangaroos in the wild
  2. Roll down a grass hill
  3. Call ‘cooee’ in a gorge or a valley
  4. Camp on a beach
  5. Skim stones
  6. Build a sandcastle city
  7. Plant something and watch it grow
  8. Play in a creek (with adult supervision)
  9. Find a cave
  10. Ride your bike on a bush trail
  11. Visit an island
  12. Ride on a flying fox

Gay Wales

“We especially need imagination in science.  It is not all mathematics, nor all logic, but it is somewhat beauty and poetry.”  Maria Montessori