Message from the Principal

Monday 2nd May 2016

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Amazing After School Activities

At Melbourne Montessori School there are so many options before or after school for each child. Our newest group is the Little String Group who meet at 8am on Wednesdays in the Caulfield Hall. Sylvia Hosking, who is currently Assistant Principal Double Bass with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, is taking all the string players we have found so far in the school. It is exciting to see where our Music program is heading at the moment and we look forward to hearing more from out string players!

The Cycle 4s have taken to yoga in a big way and they meet in The Tree House every Thursday before school. Drama, Chess, Write Club, Code Club and After School Sport are all activities which your child can participate in at one or both of the campuses.  If you would like your child to get involved, contact details for all the organisers are on the Before and After Activity Sheet which you would find below on the website, on the new App or on the School noticeboard.

NAPLAN Morning Tea

NAPLAN will be with us next week and I will be talking about the detail and relevance of NAPLAN to anyone who would like to come to a Coffee Morning this Thursday at 9am.  This will be in the Caulfield Library.

Mothers’ Day Friday 6th May

Mothers’ Day celebrations will be more inclusive this year as we undertake to include all those mothers who can’t make a celebration during the day. Please join us (with your children if you would like) at the Boundary Hotel from 6.30pm.

Gay Wales

“We especially need imagination in science.  It is not all mathematics, nor all logic, but it is somewhat beauty and poetry.”    Maria Montessori