Message from the Principal

Monday 5th February 2018

Welcome Back!
Welcome back to Term 1! We hope that you and your family have had a wonderfully relaxing break and a refreshing start to the new year!
It has been fabulous to go into every classroom over the last few days and to see so many smiling faces and engaged, happy children at work. The children who are new to each cycle seem to have fitted seamlessly into their new classes and the teachers are delighted to be working with ‘their’ children again.
There are lots of new faces in the school and we are delighted to introduce a number of new teachers to each cycle as well – I know you will make them all feel very welcome.
Parenting Ideas
I would like to promote a parenting resource which is available to you all and to which we, as a school, subscribe: Parenting Ideas is a website which Michael Grose and his team author. You can access it through our website/Parents/Montessori at Home/Parenting Ideas OR follow the link here:
You can read blogs, enrol in parenting online courses and find parenting resources by Michael Grose and his team.
Below is a section of the transcript of the latest Parent Insights from Parenting Ideas. If you want to read the entire article, then please follow this link.
The Power of Gratitude for a Happier Life
More than just a nice feeling, gratitude is integral to happiness. If we can inspire and cultivate gratitude in our children, we’re doing so much more than teaching them to be polite by saying ‘thank-you’. We’re helping them develop a strength that will positively affect their mental health and wellbeing over a lifetime. It’s that powerful.
Remember how many times you had to remind your kids to use their manners all those years ago? I know, probably too many! Still reminding? You’re not alone! In the same way good manners eventually become a part of daily life, sincere gratitude will too. It’s worth persevering.
Benefits of a grateful mindset
The science tells us that compared with those who don’t, people who practise gratitude are more enthusiastic, more determined, perform better at school, are more likely to avoid risky behaviours, experience less depression and envy, are more kind and helpful, sleep better and are 25 per cent happier.
Adolescents with a grateful mindset are more optimistic and experience greater social support, which is essential to their health and happiness. They experience more fulfilling friendships and family relationships, are more content in themselves and with their school, have higher grades and are less focused on material possessions.
There’s simply no down side!
Practising gratitude is a sure-fire way to boost happiness, something we absolutely want for ourselves and for our children. In addition, teaching our children genuine appreciation helps them develop strong relationships over the course of their lives, and we know that strong relationships are critical to our overall happiness.
We hope that you and your family have enjoyed a great start to 2018! Remember, you can meet some new parents at the Morning Teas being held at each campus and the Information Night for your child’s class is coming up next week!
Many thanks,

Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed.  Maria Montessori