Message from the Principal

Monday 11th December 2017

Best Art Show ever!

How delightful was the opening of the Art Show this year? Susie May from the NGV gave an illuminating talk to adults and children alike about Vincent van Gogh which she accompanied with hundreds of images. Due to our largest number of Cycle 2 and 3 children ever, the Art Show now takes up all the Caulfield Hall and all the Art Room! Myriads of stunningly delicate, observant drawings were displayed, fantastic groups of glazed pottery vegetables and highly creative chairs which symbolised the characteristics of the artist or their friend. Thank you to Jennie and Stephanie for an incredible year of Art and to the many, dedicated parent helpers who spent hours putting up the works of art and taking them down again!

A character analysis by Arya

Auggie Pullman was a shy, but intelligent boy that struggled to get the confidence to go to school because of his disfigured face. He doesn’t like displaying his face in public so he wears an astronaut helmet anytime, anywhere. When his headpiece gets lost (thrown out by his dad) he is forced to show his foul face. He was petrified to find out that his mum has enrolled into a school (Beacher Prep).

The Cycle 3 students felt “the movie ‘Wonder’ was great, but a few things could still be changed to make it more like the book.” Garet

Immigration Museum by Eva  

On Tuesday last week, Cycle 3 went on an excursion to the Immigration Museum on Flinders Street to learn about the history of immigration to Australia. We caught the tram to the city and walked to the Immigration Museum where we had snack in the courtyard, and then we sat in a room with a container or suitcase on each table.

Everyone had to sit down at a table and fill out a worksheet about the artefacts. They all told stories of people from different countries who immigrated to Australia to have a better life from the 1800s to the 2000s. Some of us dressed up in the clothes from that culture and time and presented what we had learnt to the other Cycle 3s.

We all got a passport with activities to do on every page to fill out as we went around the different exhibitions.

There were also lots of things to do that were not interactive, like listening to videos, reading the information on the posters, and looking at the objects and pictures. All in all, we had an amazing time at the Immigration Museum and learnt a lot about the immigration history of Australia.


I can’t believe we have almost arrived at the end of the year once again. We all wish parents and children a joyful holiday break and a safe and peaceful start to 2018!

Gay Wales 

“The education of even a small child, therefore, does not aim at preparing him for school, but for life.”  Maria Montessori