Message from the Principal

Monday 16th October 2017

Montessori out of school!

Montessori methods are being used to fight dementia and to teach elite sport.

Some of you might have heard Dr Cameron Camp on ABC Radio 774 yesterday speaking about the current role of Montessori teaching and learning in nursing homes and aged care facilities. Dr Camp has been invited to come to Melbourne to be part of the 17th Alzheimer’s Australia Biennial National Dementia Conference and is also running workshops for carers helping those with dementia.

Dr. Camp is the Director of Research, Center for Applied Research in Dementia, Ohio USA. He is an internationally-known research scientist in the field of ageing who has been conducting applied and translational research in gerontology, dementia intervention, and cognitive intervention for over 30 years. He says that people with dementia can learn again using Montessori methods. In 2013, Dr Camp gave a lecture tour to help promote Alzheimer Australia’s Dementia Care resource Relate, Motivate, Appreciate: Restoring meaningful engagement with a person with dementia in care.

Further afield, Dutch soccer enthusiasts at Cruyff Football, where top soccer coaches and elite soccer players are born, have been working hard to adopt Montessori methods of teaching. Cruyff Football realised that there was a great deal of synergy between the ideas of Johan Cruyff and the philosophy of Maria Montessori. This is not surprising as both were leaders in fields of child development and both are thought to have re-examined paradigms on the basis of those principles and, they both lived in Amsterdam. Today, the result of Maria Montessori’s thinking is visible in the tens of thousands of schools worldwide and the results of Johan Cruyff’s thinking is evident in the acclaimed football academies of Ajax and Barcelona where he was instrumental in creating a youth player focussed environment.

Cruyff Football have decided to create a model school devoted to the complete development of the child, where sport skills are developed as an integral part of the Montessori curriculum. They have already run a very successful pilot coaching course in Beijing, China last July 2017 and we at Melbourne Montessori School, with the expertise of Dean Stafrace, are currently working with MAF to introduce a pilot scheme at MMS together with Cruyff Football to connect Montessori and soccer in Australia.

Welcome back to Term 4! We hope that all families had a restful and restorative break and are ready for the final term of the year! There is always lots happening at MMS so hopefully you have your copy your child will have brought home of What’s On in Term 4 to help keep you abreast of all the events taking place this term. If you have lost your copy you can always print one off from the Broadsheet page on the website.

Congratulations again to our chess students coming first place in the Victorian Interschool Chess Championships last week!  10 players have made it into the semi finals which will take place on Friday 27th October 2017!

Gay Wales 

“The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn.”  Maria Montessori