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This term, Daniel introduced something called ‘Ignition’ to staff which is all about learning something new and putting people outside of their comfort zones. Learning a complex skill in a condensed amount of time is something that our students go through all the time, and this week we learnt juggling!

As adults, so often we are inclined to stick to what we know. Learning a new skill like juggling gives us self-belief and is an opportunity to step outside of our comfort zone to try something new. The skill of juggling has many benefits, including but not limited to; improving the right and left brain connections, improving hand-eye coordination, sharpens concentration and focus and it’s portable! You can do it anywhere, even standing at your desk.

MMS Staff tried their hand at JUGGLING on their Term 2 Staff Day:

Daniel invites everyone to learn a new skill this term – it’s good for your brain!

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We’ve made the Education Awards short list!

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