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We have been contacted by the East Melbourne and German Language Centre again to ask if we have any families within the school who may be interested in hosting a visiting German student who will be here for 12 months.

It would not be necessary for one family to host for the entire 12 months.  Allocations of 3 or 6 months would be suitable with different families.

The Student:

Stephanie is 22 years old and is studying to become an English and PE teacher. In exchange for board and accomodation she would be required to spend about 10  hours per week helping wherever help is needed by the host family. (e.g. babysitting) The exact tasks would be negotiated.  The East Melbourne and German language centre also offer the parents of the host family the opportunity of joining any of their German classes, games or film night, grammar, and other workshops at no cost.

The volunteers come here to improve their English, help in the Language office and work as assistant teachers.  They also want to live with Australian families to learn first-hand about the Australian way of life.

Please contact Sarah Jane Watson for further information

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