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Children between the ages of 3 and 6 possess an ‘absorbent mind.’ You will often hear people refer to young children as ‘soaking in everything they see and hear like a sponge.’ This capacity for mental absorption enables them to learn their native tongue, to perfect movement and to internalise order.

Dr Montessori observed that children between birth and 3 years also experience sensitive periods in their development. These are periods of special sensitivity when a child is attracted to certain stimuli in his or her environment allowing them to acquire certain skills or knowledge. These sensitive periods occur for most children at approximately the same age and are the times for optimal development of that particular skill or knowledge.

The specifically designed Montessori equipment supports this process at the appropriate time for each child’s unique development.

There are four main curriculum areas in the preschool program:

  • practical life
  • sensorial
  • language
  • mathematics

Considerable emphasis is also placed on creative arts, music, science, geography and cultural studies.

The child at this stage of development is driven to understand his or her culture and all that is part of the world in which he or she lives. The Montessori preschool environment serves to support the child in appreciating the larger context of the world by bringing it to the child through:

  • World globes
  • Continent maps
  • Songs
  • Land forms
  • Collections of artefacts
  • Pictures from other cultures, and more

Four year olds will receive a funded kindergarten program at this School/service

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