Asthma Sufferers Back to School Checklist

While their asthma is just one of the many things to get ready for starting term one, this checklist will hopefully make the process easier.

Throughout the year there are significant increases, or ‘spikes’, in asthma presentations to hospitals and emergency departments:

  • Approximately 1 in 10 children and adolescents in Australia have asthma, and for children and adolescents with asthma these ‘spikes’ usually occur towards the end of holiday periods as they return to school or preschool
  • A significant ‘spike’ in asthma presentations and admissions to hospital, of children and adolescents experiencing severe asthma exacerbations, occurs throughout the first few weeks of February

For this reason, The Asthma Foundation has prepared this checklist for parents and carers to go through to prepare their child for the school year.

Is your child ready for new school year? – Checklist

  • My child has had an annual asthma management review with their doctor and has had their Asthma Action Plan reviewed
  • My child has up to date ambulance membership
  • My child knows how to recognise early symptoms of asthma and knows when to seek help from staff if they experience asthma symptoms
  • My child understands the importance of taking reliever medication when necessary and knows how to use their puffer and spacer, either independently or with assistance
  • An updated Asthma Action Plan has been provided to my child’s school/children’s service. Even if their Asthma Action Plan has not changed from last year it is important that a letter is provided to the school/children’s service informing staff of this. It is vital that staff know what to do for your child in an asthma emergency
  • A reliever puffer and spacer (and mask for children under 5 years old) has been provided to the school/children’s service for my child. With the change in infection control guidelines, spacers can no longer be shared between children and it is vital that each child has their own equipment
  • I have read and understood the school/children’s services asthma policy

For more information, resources or assistance completing this checklist please contact The Asthma Foundation of Victoria on 1800 ASTHMA (278 462) or visit