Asthma and School Holidays – Tips for Travel

The following guide is provided by The Asthma Foundation. When travelling it is important to be aware that different locations and environments may harbour triggers for asthma, particularly new triggers that you or your child may not have come into contact with before.

  • Even if asthma is mild or has not occurred for some time, travel to a new destination can often bring about asthma symptoms
  • People with asthma should always carry reliever medication and a spacer with them when they travel to ensure they can treat asthma symptoms quickly if they occur
  • It is important that people with asthma take enough medication to last for the trip, and have repeat prescriptions with them if they expect to run out during the trip
  • People with asthma should have a review with their doctor and update their Asthma Action Plan prior to the trip, so that a clear guide is available on what to do if asthma symptoms or an asthma attack occurs while on holiday
  • Ensure that travel insurance adequately covers medical costs and needs while on holiday. Some policies may not cover for asthma treatment if a recent asthma emergency has occurred. Be sure to read the fine print or ask the insurance provider about their asthma coverage

For further information, please contact the Asthma Foundation of Victoria on 1800 645 130 or email