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AMI Diplomas in 2023

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SMTC have four upcoming AMI Diplomas commencing in the 0-6 age-levels in 2023 and early 2024 across three cities. Each is in blended format (online and in-person).

We are also working on dates for our next 6-12 AMI Diploma (stay tuned).

In September 2023, the AMI Montessori 0-3 Diploma will commence in Melbourne with Julia Hilson.

Three AMI Montessori 3-6 Diploma courses are then scheduled to commence in three different cities, starting with:

  • Melbourne in September 2023; then
  • Sydney in November 2023; and
  • Brisbane in February 2024.

We are working on dates for our next Perth 3-6 AMI Diploma too.

The AMI Diplomas are blended (online and in-person) and are run in blocks. Where possible, in-person classes are scheduled to coincide with school holidays and online sessions are held out of school hours to make it more accessible for people who work during the day.

Apply now via the links below!

Fees and discounts

Early-bird discounts are available up until four months before each course commences and result in a saving of $2,200 plus GST off the course fee.

Early-bird registration means course fees are discounted from $14,500 + GST to $12,300 + GST.

An additional discount of 2.5% is added for upfront payment of the course fee in full, further bringing the total cost down.

If you have undertaken an SMTC Orientation course you may be entitled to a further discount of $1,300 plus GST off the AMI Diploma cost in the same age-level.

All 3 discounts can result in total reductions of $3,725 plus GST bringing course fees down to just $10,775 plus GST.

Payment options

To make payment of course fees more manageable, SMTC offers a payment plan of 10 monthly instalments.

Send an email to to get the conversation started.


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Applications are now open for all confirmed AMI Diplomas via the links below:

AMI Montessori 0-3 Diploma – Melbourne
September 2023 – October 2024
Julia Hilson – Part-time Blended mode
Apply now

AMI Montessori 3-6 Diploma -Melbourne
September 2023 – January 2025
Amy Kirkham – Part-time Blended mode
Apply now

AMI Montessori 3-6 Diploma – Sydney
November 2023 – April 2025
Kay Urquhart – Part-time Blended mode
Apply now

AMI Montessori 3-6 Diploma – Brisbane
February 2024 – October 2025
Amy Kirkham – Part-time Blended mode
Apply now

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