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Foundation News: Grants Awarded


The MMS Foundation leads a hardworking grants team that researches and applies for government and philanthropic grants on behalf of MMS. In the second half of 2023, the school has been awarded $23,965 in grants, with several applications pending. These include:

2023 Victorian Junior Landcare and Biodiversity Grant: $4935 ex GST

Sarah Dekiere (Learning & Teacher lead/IB Co-ordinator) and our senior school students partnered with the MMS Foundation grants team to successfully apply for funding for an Indigenous Horticulture Project at our Brighton Campus.

The Horticulture Team is leading a project to create a native oasis for students and to increase native plant and bird density in the school and the surrounding suburbs. The planned outdoor classroom includes an indigenous edible/medicinal garden, vegetable patch, natural-material equipment, a water feature/meditation space and seating for small group work and to connect to nature.

The funding secured through Victorian Junior Landcare will go directly towards purchasing native plants.

Foundation of Graduates in Early Childhood Studies: Forrest Hill Grant: $3980 ex GST

The Forrest Hill Grant enabled our Learning Differences Unit (LDU) to expand the materials and equipment used to improve individualised learning for students.

Natalie Reining, LDU Co-ordinator, has hands-on experience of the effectiveness of many of the resources that have been purchased, as well as the research evidence supporting their use.

Our school is deeply committed to supporting all students with additional learning needs, and the Foundation was thrilled to be awarded this grant to support our LDU.

Foundation of Graduates in Early Childhood Studies: Warrawong Professional Development Grant: $5515 ex GST (grant awarded 2022 for 2023 conference)

As the benefactors of the Warrawong Professional Development Grant, nine of our Cycle One teachers and members of our leadership team attended Montessori Schools and Centres Australia’s 2023 Grassroots two-day conference in Melbourne. The event offered our team a wonderful opportunity to connect with other Montessori teachers, to engage in professional development opportunities and listen to presenters — including MMS’s Ned Smithfield and Leanne Tarran — share their practises and insights. This allows us to strengthen our Montessori pedagogical practices and enhance MMS’s authenticity.

MMS is driven to provide the highest quality Montessori education for our children and families, and ongoing professional learning ensures our team stays up to date with current practices aligned with Montessori principles. Spending time with like-minded, passionate professionals is a wonderful reminder of why what we do is so special and important for our students.

Thank you to the MMS Foundation for their work in successfully securing this grant and providing this opportunity.

Manojini Gamage, Cycle 1 Leader