Science (Cycle Three)

cycle3_scienceChildren are introduced to all aspects of science through simple experiments, research and practical experiences.

There is a gardening program in Cycle Three that mirrors the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program. The children at MMS grow vegetables from seed, cultivate them in their vegetable gardens and cook the produce in the kitchen facilities that are an integral part of each classroom. The sciences come alive through this program – chemistry, botany and zoology (insects attracted to the garden, leftovers given to the room 2 rabbit, etc.).

The other aspect of Melbourne Montessori science that is experienced on a daily basis by the children is our program dedicated to environmental science and sustainability. The school harvests rainwater, composts, maintains a worm farm and is actively involved in a sustainability program through Glen Eira City Council.

The motto of the school is, ‘think global, act local.’

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