NGV Triennial: worth a visit for all!

This year Cycle 3 will be attending this exciting exhibition (Term 1, Friday 9th March) and because it is such an incredible and enormous show I strongly encourage families to make the trip together to explore and discuss these contemporary works. There are many works accessible to younger audiences located on the ground floor and there are many additional programs offered throughout the exhibition dates. See website for details:

Finally Melbourne has its own recurring festival of contemporary art!



The inaugural NGV Triennial will feature more than 100 artists and designers from more than 30 countries, and take over the four floors of the NGV. It will focus on art and design and how the two inform each other; NGV director Tony Ellwood says that this theme is “an even more contemporary way of reflecting what our creative community is doing around the globe…in talking to the artists, five conceptual themes emerged: the body, change, movement, time, and the virtual.” 

The exhibition and associated public programs will take these themes as topics for conversation.

Stephanie Reznik Cycle 3 Art