REQUEST FROM THE ART ROOM at the Caulfield Campus:

We are looking forward to working with Cycle 2 and 3 children in Art Class during 2018.

Children in Cycle 2 and 3 all need to wear smocks to protect their clothing during Art Class. So as to ensure that the children are taking responsibility for the care of their clothes, please check when their Art classes are timetabled. (Cycle 2’s on Monday and Tuesday, and Cycle 3 children on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday of each week.)

As usual, all year we will be collecting the usual junk (found objects) needed by the children for construction, etc. If you can, please bring these items and leave them outside the Art Room. They must be absolutely clean, uncrushed and fresh.

newspaper                                             polystyrene trays

printers’ off-cuts                                   fabric

gift wrapping                                         wool, string, thread

ribbon                                                     lace trimmings

boxes                                                      card

cylinders                                                 stickers

cotton reels                                           bubble wrap

shells                                                      calendars

used matches                                       wallpaper

paddle sticks                                         lids

margarine containers                          Art magazines

wood shavings                                      ice-cream buckets

wood or chipboard off-cuts                old sewing machines

plastic containers and lids                  leather, cork, vinyl

wood tools                                            buttons

beads                                                     costume jewellery, sequins

We will be selling CLOUD 9 ART SMOCKS for $25 each, every Monday and Tuesday  at 3.15pm, for those who would like to purchase a smock that should last for a good few years and children. These smocks are long and plastic lined on the chest and lower sleeve.

Jennie and Stephanie