Mathematics (Cycle Two)

maths-cycle2Considerable time is spent at Cycle Two level in presenting the four processes and numeration concepts with a variety of Montessori materials. The aim of this is to provide concrete images in the child’s mind upon which to hang abstract thought at a later time in their mathematical studies.

Each concept is taught using a variety of materials. For example, if working with a child on understanding addition, the teacher will use the golden bead material, the stamp game, the bead frames and the peg board. By seeing the process of addition represented in a variety of concrete forms, the child gains a deep and thorough understanding.

Geometry also has a strong focus at this level as it is at this stage of development that the child loves the big names of mathematical language – triangular pyramid, quadrilateral, dodecahedron.

All aspects of the state curriculum are covered, but using hands-on materials rather than pen and paper activities as the main teaching tool.

An Example Mathematics Activity

Cycle Two Montessori Mathematics example which hightlights the materials used for division problems

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