Mathematics (Cycle One)

mathematics-cycle1Mathematics is a way of looking at the world – a language for understanding and expressing measurable relationships inherent in our experience.

All mathematical experiences and concepts are initially presented to the child using concrete materials. The child’s mind has already been awakened to mathematical ideas through the sensorial materials and seen the distinction between:

  • distance
  • dimension
  • graduation
  • identity
  • similarity
  • sequence

The child will now be introduced to the functions and operations of numbers. For example, the golden bead material highlights the numerical, geometrical and dimensional relationships within the decimal system.

Through concrete materials the child learns to:

  • count
  • add
  • subtract
  • multiply
  • divide

The child gradually comes to understand many abstract mathematical concepts with ease and joy.

Introduction to Mathemathics Program

An overview of how the Montessori approach to mathematics moves from the concrete to the abstract

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